Why the Ascension of the Lord Matters!
25th May, 2017

Bishop Robert Barron explains the Ascension of Jesus in this way: The Bible  speaks indeed of “heaven” and “earth,” but it sees these two realms as interacting and interpenetrating fields of force. Jesus’ great prayer, The Lord’s Prayer, which is

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Amen: an extraordinary word
23rd May, 2017

Pentecostal preachers shout it. Monks chant it. Most Christians end every prayer with it. But what does “Amen” really mean? Is it just a pious way to “log off” our dialogue with God? Amen is the Bible’s supreme expression of

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Two Roads – Master or Disaster
4th May, 2017

Through the Door If we knew the future, very few of us would make foolish decisions. But very few of us make decisions in the first place. Many people prefer to be carried along by other peoples’ decisions and by

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