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Learners of Religious Education:

“Understanding who learners are, as children and young people and as learners of Religious Education, is pivotal to ensuring their learning.

Learners live in a variety of “worlds”, including home, school, popular culture, digital and peer group.

Learners come as they are with unique life experiences and particular motivations, expectations and aspirations.

Learners have diverse religious profiles – varying degrees of knowledge of Catholicism/religion, range of faith affiliations or none, variety of religious experiences and different stages in their religious journeys.

Every learner can achieve success in Religious Education, demonstrated by the extent of a learner’s knowledge, depth of understanding and sophistication of skills in the learning area” (NCEC, 2018, p.12).


National Catholic Education Commission. (2018). Framing Paper: Religious Education in Australian Catholic Schools. Online: https://www.ncec.catholic.edu.au/images/NCEC_Framing_Paper_Religious_Education.pdf