About Us

Shalom College Bundaberg


As a school we seek to establish an educational environment where students can receive a comprehensive, quality education to prepare them for their adult lives.  As a Catholic school we aim to create a distinctive faith community in which the Gospel values are practised by word and example and where our students have the opportunity to develop a personal relationship with Jesus.

Our goal is for our graduate students to be young people who have a passion to make a positive difference in the world.  That they be young people whose eyes have been opened to their own potential to address some of the injustice that they see in the world.  The motto of Shalom College is embraced in our name – Shalom.  As Pope Paul VI reminded the world, “if you want peace, work for justice.”

Shalom College stands on the land of the Gurang  Gurang, (Goreng Goreng, Korenggoreng) tribe which was composed of eight (8) clans.  It is generally accepted that the Taribelang clan, whose totem was the Sea Turtle, occupied this land.

The College was established in 1984, after Christian Brothers Bundaberg and Loyola College which was founded by the Sisters of Mercy both closed to make way for the new Catholic Co-educational facility on the current site.  Shalom still proudly claims the heritage of both Colleges and the charism of the Founders of both Religious Orders – Edmund Rice and Catherine McAuley.

The College offers a broad and  inclusive curriculum and caters for students of all abilities.  The provision of a holistic and engaging curriculum is a priority and is grounded in the tradition inherited from Edmund and Catherine.  The College makes a preferential option for those most at the margins of society.

The Religious Character of the College is encapsulated within the Mission Statement –

Shalom College aims to provide an excellent and holistic education grounded in the mission of Jesus, infused with the values of the Gospel and based on the traditions of Catherine McAuley and Edmund Rice.

At the centre of our mission is the creation of ‘right relationships’ which are characterised by respect, dignity, justice, compassion and restorative practice. This community maintains a special commitment to those most at risk.

Our mission is to create an environment that carefully nurtures growth and the student’s connectedness to their world and each other. Shalom College aims to harness and channel the optimism of the young and the desire to make a difference in the world thereby providing renewed hope and confidence in tomorrow for all.