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St Francis Tannum Sands


The St Francis Community Vision Statement illustrates the pledge to live the powerful message resonating from our school prayer; ‘The Prayer of St Francis’:

Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi 

Lord, make us instruments of your peace.
We are people of peace in our relationships embracing each other as peacemakers.

Where there is hatred let us sow love;
As a Eucharistic people, a part of the unified Church we actively promote a love of learning and discovery, a love of our world and, above all, love of our God and of each other.

Where there is injury, pardon
We seek to support the marginalised and needy through welcoming all to the love of the Catholic Church which is the expression of the body of Christ.

Where there is discord, union;
We respect each other person, and we strive to set aside our differences and understand each other’s truth finding unity through our shared truth in the love of God.

Where there is doubt, faith;
We seek to remedy the doubt of a suspicious world, not by proofs, but by restoring and establishing relationships that build self confidence in each other and confidence in our loving God. 

Where there is despair, hope;
We live in hope by living within all the possibilities of the gifts our God has given us.  At St Francis we live in hope, and we share that hope, because we choose to live in God.


This St Francis School Mission Statement, echoes the ethos of precious and tangible Spiritual relationships reflected in the 4 key principles of our school motto ‘Journey as Family in Peace through Love’, by:

  • Supporting the family and wider Church with each child’s JOURNEY to reach their personal, educational and spiritual potential
  • Living as people in relationship, as a FAMILY, accepting difference, caring for one another and growing together
  • Striving for PEACE, under the patronage of Saint Francis, recognised in the respect for all of God’s creation
  • Living LOVE for one another, as Jesus has shown us, for God is LOVE