An Attitude of Gratitude

28th April, 2016

Lately I have been surrounded by reminders of how important it is to be so very grateful for the many people and things in my blessed life.

I have discovered the Exam prayer in my life which I love. It is  simple but powerful way to pray each day. It has five steps to it:

  1. come into the presence of your God: prepare to pray
  2. find something in your life you are grateful for…this is so easy for me at this moment as life has been kind to me and I have many blessings to be grateful for – my beautiful family, my health, my job, where I live in this beautiful country etc etc
  3. think about my feelings over the past 24 hours – the good and the bad, the times of frustration, worry, anxiety, joy, happiness – all of them,
  4. select one feeling and pray to Jesus about it – talk to Jesus about why you felt this way.
  5. talk about the day ahead and acknowledge that you may need Jesus help along the way or you may be so grateful for what going to happen…

I find this way of praying so uplifting especially having an attitude of gratitude. Try it. It’s simple but powerful.

I leave you with this beautiful song:

A Grateful Song – a love song to the world

YouTube Preview Image