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CTJ – 2019 Scripture

This year the focus for our Consistency of Teacher Judgement discussions will be the Achievement Standards regarding to the teaching and learning of Scripture

Consistency of Teacher Judgement process for 2019

From our consultations with staff and APREs in 2017 the following changes have been made to how CTJ – Religion will be organized in 2019.

Schools are encouraged to engage in all CTJ practices. These include:

  • familiarity with and shared understanding of Religion curriculum
  • common interpretation of the curriculum intent and shared understanding of how learner achievement is demonstrated
  • collaborative planning of and reflection on teaching, learning and assessing techniques
  • ongoing formal and informal dialogue (within and between schools) about the teaching and learning cycle
  • moderation of teacher judgments within and between school/s.


Teachers in P-Yr.6 will be required to attend two regional meetings – one in Term one 2019 and the other in Term three 2019.

 The CTJ pre -planning sessions early in 2019, will engage P-yr 10  teachers in the  first three CTJ practices.

Yr 7 – yr 10 teachers will participate in pre-planning sessions at their normal scheduled Religion department meetings early in the year.

Ongoing formal and informal dialogue will be the responsibility of APREs/HODs and teachers during the school year.


Teachers will discuss their own samples at the interschool CTJ – Religion meetings.

The CTJ process will develop:

  • Teachers  understanding of what the student needed to know/do to demonstrate the relevant  achievement standard as well as appropriate and valid assessment tasks.



The CTJ – Religion focus for 2019 will be the teaching and assessing of Scripture

CTJ Religion Pre-Planning Staff meetings for P-6 Teachers will be facilitated in Term 1 (see table below).
CTJ Religion Interschool discussions of student responses will occur in  Term 3.
As Scripture is not organised in a specific individual content strand but is embedded in all of the four content strands of Beliefs Sacraments, Morality and Prayer, it is understood that the samples of students work for CTJ – Religion  can be obtained from any of the four Content strands and corresponding units of work.
This will therefore not require schools to ‘fit’ the CTJ focus into their yearly overview. Work samples can be taken from any unit of work where Scripture is being taught and assessed.

Information regarding CTJ – Religion 2019 Pre Planning Meetings P-Yr 6


Gladstone4 February3:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Bundaberg5 February3:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Rockhampton North6 February3:30 pm-4;30 pmKCC
Rockhampton South7 February3:30 pm-4:30pmKCC
Mackay South25 February3:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Mackay North26 February3:30 pm-4:30 pm
Emerald27 February3:30 pm- 4:30pm
Monto, Springsure, Barcaldine28 February3:30 pm-4:30 pmVideo Conference
Longreach Biloela Clermont Blackall5 March3:30 pm-4:30pmV/C
Capricorn Coast11 March3:30pm-4:30pm
Secondary Colleges Department Meeting Date in Term OneOwn college venues


CTJ Pre-Planning sessions Goals:

  • Teachers to share understandings of the intent of teaching and assessing Scripture in the Religion Curriculum for their appropriate year level
  • Teachers to collaborate on planning and assessing ideas in their year level groups
  • Teachers to identify areas of support needed to teach and assess students’ understanding of Scripture
  • Teachers to identify areas of support needed for teachers in the teaching and assessing of scripture in the classroom


Making CTJ – Religion Happen

Term 1Term 2Term 3Term 4
APRE HOD shares information with teachers regarding the focus and process for CTJ 2019

Teachers reflect on current planning and assessing.

Primary teachers participate in CTJ Pre-Planning interschool discussions so they can:

Develop a shared understanding of the curriculum intent.

Gain an understanding of quality tasks through discussions.

Identify potential teaching and learning strategies.

Collaboratively decide on the CTJ tasks that students will attempt.

Secondary teachers of Religion will discuss in their department meetings their understanding of relevant Scripture and how it is to be taught and assessed in their units of work.

Secondary teachers will collaboratively examine at department meetings assessment tasks for Scripture that will be shared for CTJ.
Refine planning for teaching and learning.
Refine success criteria and quality descriptors or levels of achievement.

Consider student samples from formative or summative tasks to identify learning needs and provide feedback to students.

Refine planning for teaching and learning.

Plan opportunities for summative tasks.

Engage in intraschool discussions.

Prepare appropriate student samples (an A and a C sample) for interschool CTJ - Religion discussions.

Participate in CTJ -Religion interschool discussions.

Selected Secondary teachers will participate in a Diocesan CTJ - Religion Day at KCC
Complete CTJ Religion feedback forms

Reflect and evaluate teaching and assessing practices.

CTJ Religion 2019 Scripture Interschool discussions Dates

SchoolsDateTimeYear levelVenue
Barcaldine, Monto, Springsure19 August3:30-4:30Prep-yr1V/C
Barcaldine, Monto, Springsure20 August3:30-4:30Yrs. 2-3-4V/C
Barcaldine, Monto, Springsure21 August3:30-4:30Yrs. 5-6V/C
Bundaberg primary schools 22 August3:30-4:30All levels St Joseph's Bundaberg
Capricorn Coast Primary Schools26 August3:30 -4:30All levelsSt Benedict's
Capricorn Coast
Rockhampton North primary schools27 August 3:30-4:30All levelsKCC
Rockhampton South Primary Schools28 August3:30-4:30All levelsKCC
Gladstone and Tannum Sands 2 September 3:45-4:45All levels Star of the Sea Gladstone
Longreach, Biloela, Clermont, Blackall 3 September3:30-4:30Prep—yr. 1V/C
Longreach, Biloela, Clermont, Blackall4
3:30-4:30Yrs. 2-3V/C
Longreach, Biloela, Clermont, Blackall5
3:30-4:30Yrs. 4-5V/C
Sth Mackay9 September3:30-4:30All levelsSt Mary's Mackay
Nth Mackay10 September3:30-4:30All Levels
Emerald Primary schools16 September3:30-4:30All levelsSt Brigid's Emerald
Longreach, Biloela, Clermont, Blackall12 September 3:30-4:30 Yrs. 6 V/C
All secondary Colleges 17-travelling day
18 September
10:30-2:30 yrs 7-10KCC


A variety of Information for Teacher Background on Scripture can be found on  our Religious Education Website http://rokreligiouseducation.com/teacher-background/scripture/ 

Information of the Three Worlds of the Text Interpretative Framework:


Melbourne Catholic  Education Office RE Source Scripture and Jesus http://www.resourcemelb.catholic.edu.au/module.cfm?m=2929

My Jewish Learning https://www.myjewishlearning.com/

The Vatican website http://w2.vatican.va/content/vatican/en.html

Teaching Judaism (Brisbane Catholic Education Office) http://bcejudaism.weebly.com/ 


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Scope and Sequence of Achievement Standards Prep-Yr 10 relating to Scripture

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Year Two

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Year Four

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Secondary Generic Rubric

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Year One

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Year Three

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Year Five

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Year Six

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Secondary Annotated Generic Rubric

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Suggested Learning Intentions and Success Criteria for P-10 Scripture

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Generic Examples of Learning Intentions

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How to design rubrics

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3WOTT strategies wheel

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Feedback Form

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Three Worlds of the Text Poster - Secondary

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Exploring Scripture Texts Planning Form

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Three Worlds of the Text Poster - Primary

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Planning Form (word document)

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