Day one – LA RE Congress

17th March, 2018

Well the day began beautifully. The weather is fine, the air is crisp. Day one of the Congress began with prayer complete with great music and liturgical dancing!

My first workshop was with Fr Donald Senior and he spoke on the Pope’s

encyclical Laudato Si

Then I hit the ground running to check out Hall A – the Merchandise Hall! shopping shopping shopping!

During lunch I listened to the group WAL who provided great music that gives thanks and praise to God through song.

Workshop number two was great. I loved it. Just what I love – Old Testament information on David ben Jesse the Outlaw. Professor Daniel Smith Christopher was so so good.

Then a bit more shopping and then Workshop number three – Sr Carol Dempsey who spoke on the world in Front of the Text and social justice issues in the Bible and how we interpret them for today. I loved that she used the three worlds of the text framework. I felt affirmed that we are doing the right thing in our Religion Curriculum. She was amazing too but in a much more confronting way – relating Biblical text to issues of child sacrifice, human trafficking and forced migration today. Very very challenging.

We finished the day with an amazing mass in the Filipino culture. Cardinal Luis Tagle gave the very moving and relational homily – at one time he had us all in tears relating a personal story from his country and the generosity of giving and caring.

Tomorrow is another full day.