Happy New Year – Advent

24th November, 2016

A NEW YEAR in the Church’s calendar begins Sunday. Happy new year to all!

This period is appropriately called “Advent”.  It comes from the Latin word adventus which simply means ‘coming’.  But whose coming are we talking about?  Obviously we are beginning to prepare to remember God coming to be a human being among us, with us and like us.  And yet, although the Scripture for today does speak of the coming of God, it makes no mention of the coming of Christ as Christmas.

Actually, at this time we can speak of three comings of God.  The first, is when Jesus, the Son of God came to be born in the stable at Bethlehem.  But Sunday’s Mass also speaks of the final coming of Jesus at the end of the world.  And there is still a third kind of coming we need to be aware of, namely, when God enters our lives every day.  Every single experience can be an opportunity to make contact with God.  And we are reminded of that ongoing contact with God especially in the celebration of the sacraments, including this Eucharist.

Reflection taken from Sacred Space:Living Space

Jesus Speaks by J. Janda 

You can do
without me

why do you
keep trying
to do things


A child is not
supposed to
heavy things

all I ask is
you talk to me

tell me why
you are sad

tell me why
you are afraid

tell me why
you are tired

come to me—I
will refresh