Lent – the gift of God’s self.

27th February, 2018

What does Lent mean to you?

Giving up things?

As Fr Andy Hamilton (2018) reflects , this was often an attitude we had when we were children. Giving up lollies and storing them in a jar to eat at Easter and as we grew up we gave up other things like alcohol!

But Lent is not just about giving up, it is also about giving!

Lent is a time to encourage us to give away to charities such as Project Compassion, St Vincent de Paul.

Lent is a time to encourage us to give of time – to family, to prayer.

Lent is a time to encourage us to give in – to being forgiving and being forgiven.

But at its heart lies, not giving, but being given. Its point is to remind us of all that we have been given by God through Jesus and to encourage us to be thankful for it. Jesus is the dearest gift that God can give us – God’s self.

adapted from Fr Andy Hamilton

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