Caritas – Catholic Social Teaching
16th January, 2016

Catholic Social Teaching covers all spheres of life – the economic, political, personal and spiritual. With human dignity at its centre, a holistic approach to development founded on the principles of CST, is what Pope Paul VI called ‘authentic development’.

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Ideas to use for Lent
1st February, 2016

You will find on these pages a wealth of ideas for children’s and all-age work. You can either use the search box, or you can add some of the keywords on the left to find the right ideas for you.

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Reflections for the Third Sunday of Lent
7th February, 2016

This Diocesan program will assist us to concentrate on the real meaning of God’s mercy and ways in which God brings about a change in our hearts by allowing mercy to flow over us.

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Godly Play Suggested Scope and Sequence
9th December, 2015

This is a suggested scope and sequence of appropriate Godly Play stories for the year levels Prep-Year 6. It lists the stories, where to find the Godly Play scripts and the materials required.

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30th March, 2016

A well-known word that is close in meaning to ‘liturgy’ is the word ‘worship’. But while worship can be done privately, ‘liturgy’ is always a public, group activity. A working definition of ‘liturgy’ that is helpful is ‘The official, public

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Reconciliation Australia
18th May, 2016

What is reconciliation? Reconciliation is about building better relationships between the wider Australian community and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples for the benefit of all Australians. To create positive change we need more people talking about the issues and

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