Everyone’s Business · Developing an inclusive and sustainable economy

, / 26th September, 2017

In his opening letter to the 2017-8 Social Justice Statement Bishop Long gives us these simple, but profound, words: ‘This Statement is inspired by the teachings of Jesus and by the unswerving vision of Pope Francis: that the most vulnerable and excluded are the ones who need to take first place in our hearts and in our actions as individuals and as a society’.

Of course all the Social Justice Statements from the Australia Catholic Bishops Conference are worthy and important; however this document is of vital importance for every one of the 7.5 billion citizens of the Earth.

The Gospel inspiration for this ‘call to action’ is the paradoxical parable of the workers in the vineyard (Matthew 20:1-7). All included, not on merit or justification, but on the dignity and intrinsic worth of each individual – as a person made in imago dei (‘in the image and likeliness of God’ Genesis 1:27).

Printed material: · Social Justice Statement 2017–18: Everyone’s Business – Developing an Inclusive and Sustainable Economy (20 pp A4)

Ten steps towards an inclusive, sustainable economy (A4 folded in three brochure )

Prayer card Documents may be printed from the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council website

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