God’s love poured out -themes

, , / 11th June, 2017

Eight Themes for Discussion are offered to assist in the process of discovering ‘from the memory of the church’ what has been accomplished by the Spirit, and to cooperate with that Spirit in helping to make it ‘alive and active in the soul of each individual’.

The Spirit in Scripture

  • The Spirit in the Old Testament
  • The Spirit in Luke – Acts
  • The Spirit in Paul
  • The Spirit in John

The Spirit Active in the Church and in the World

  • The Spirit in the Church
  • The Spirit and the Sacraments
  • The Spirit and Ecumenism
  • The Spirit in the World

The Themes are not tied to any particular season, nor to any sequence of scripture passage from the lectionary, so groups or individuals wishing to use them as the basis for study or discussion may do so whenever they choose. Groups accustomed to a Lenten or Easter program will be able to use the Themes at that time.

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