What is Lent?(and Make this one Awesome)

28th February, 2017

Lent means “springtime” and Springtime is an awesome time!

Andy Lesnefsky explains more about this liturgical time of lent and how we can participate more fully.

Here are 5 additional tips to help you focus on the why and the who of Lent:

  1. Aim for consistency in prayer. Consistency is key in growing any relationship. Grow in your love and knowledge of Jesus this Lent by being consistent.
  2. Make your prayer more honest. That might sound strange to you, but honesty in prayer means not holding back from God. God knows you perfectly. Honesty in prayer allows for intimacy. It’s about letting God love you and receiving that love.
  3. Give something up that distracts you from your relationship with God or others.
  4. Disconnect from technology for 1-2 hours. Turn your phone off. Connect with people. Connect with God. Technology is a great thing, but can so easily distract us.
  5. Give this Lent. Often times we don’t connect our wallet and our checkbook to our spiritual disciplines. Make an effort to give weekly to a charity making a tangible difference to help the poor.

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