Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Sunday

4th July, 2016

The Jubilee Year of Mercy is an opportunity to experience and, importantly, encounter God’s Grace on many levels. By encountering God’s Mercy on an individual level we avail ourselves of the warmth and nourishment of God’s love. The National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Catholic Council believes that these blessings can be amplified and shared when we open our hearts to the concept of Mercy amongst our friends, loved ones, communities and most importantly, those of which we have previously found conflict. The act of ‘black and white’ people praying together for mercy, forgiveness and justice is a powerful symbol of all that the Year of Mercy represents. By placing an emphasis on opening our hearts to God and seeking his everlasting forgiveness and strength to forgive, we allow ourselves to become unburdened by the weight that many of us have carried on our shoulders and in our hearts for generations.

NATSICC Resources accessed 4/07/16

2016 marks the 30th Anniversary of Saint Pope John Paul II’s address to Aboriginal people in Alice Springs. His words have resonated across this country and they continue to do so. It would be appropriate on this Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Sunday to refer to his ground breaking address. The full transcript is available at

God of the Holy Dreaming Prayer

God of holy Dreaming

Great Creator Spirit

From the dawn of creation you have given your children

The good things of Mother Earth

You spoke and the gum tree grew

In the vast deserts and dense forests, in the cities,

At the water’s edge, creation sings your praise.

Your presence endures as the rock at the heart of our land.

When Jesus hung on the tree

You heard the cries of all Your people

And became one with Your wounded ones

The convicts, the hunted and the dispossessed.

The sunrise of Your Son

Coloured the earth anew

And bathed it in glorious hope.

In Jesus we have been reconciled to You,

To each other and to Your whole creation.

Lead us on Great Spirit

As we gather at this special place

Located on land where ancestors of long ago

Gathered for work, play and praise.

Enable us to walk together in trust from the hurt of the past

Into the full day which has dawned in Jesus Christ.