End of School Reflection for students, families and staff.

20th November, 2017

End of School Year Reflection

As approach Advent and Christmas and celebrate the end of another school year, like the Roman god Janus, we look back and look forward.

Fr Richard McBride would like to share a little reflection we could do together.

When you pause and look back at this year, do you think the world is a safer place than it was this time last year?

Do you think our world has progressed much?

Do you think you are a better person? How have you grown this year?

What good things have happened to you? What bad experiences have you endured? Has this year been for you a good time, a time of growth, a time of blessing?

Have any of your loved ones died this year? How are you managing their loss? Or has someone you love moved away, out of your life, leaving you forlorn? Is there a new absence in your life?

Have you made new friends? Has it been a good year for your family? Have you stayed close to them? Do they know that you love them?

Do you feel better about yourself now than you did last year? Are you still excited about your vocation, your career, your work? Or are you content in retirement? How have you changed?

And when you look ahead to the coming year, how do you feel?  Is there anything you are afraid of? Is there something you are dreading? What are you looking forward to? Anything?

It’s important, though not easy, to look back with kindness, and to look forward in hope.

This school year is closing down. Let us hand over the past to God for God’s healing blessing.

Let us ask the Lord to face the future with us because we do not want to face it alone.

Let us pray for each person who reads this, and for all those we love and cherish: that each one might know the promise of the Lord that brings the Gospel to a close:

“Know this, I will be with you even unto the end of the world. accessed Nov 2017 written 18 December 2012 –