Praying with the Pope in May

4th May, 2018

The Mission of the Laity


The mission of the laity: That the lay faithful may fulfill their specific mission, by responding with creativity to the challenges that face the world today.


Lord Jesus
You entrusted to your disciples the mission to bring the Gospel to the whole world.
The Church, your Body, accomplishes this mission in many ways, through priests, religious, and laity.
This month, I pray to you for all the laity, so that they can take with enthusiasm and creativity the presence of the Church to their families and places of work. I ask you in particular for the laity who have positions of responsibility, so that they may direct the future of their institutions according to your will.
Our Father.

Challenges for the month

  • Discuss whether the mission of the laity in the Christian community is meant to be more of an internal service, or if it is through their presence in the world, as baptized members, that their mission is fulfilled.
  • How are community schedules, meetings and¬†initiatives planned? Is it necessary for lay people to use too much of their personal and family time to engage in pastoral activities? What kind of balance can be made?
  • Promote a meeting of reflection and sharing with the more committed laity in your community about their experience of taking the Gospel into their daily contexts.