The Way of the Cross (the Stations of the Cross)
6th February, 2017

The Stations of the Cross are usually observed during Lent, especially on Lenten Fridays and most importantly on Good Friday. It is one of the most popular devotions for Roman Catholics. The devotion consists of meditating on 14 events which

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1st June, 2017

Happy birthday to the Catholic Church! Happy birthday to you, who are the body of the Church!

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Godly Play Suggested Scope and Sequence
9th December, 2015

This is a suggested scope and sequence of appropriate Godly Play stories for the year levels Prep-Year 6. It lists the stories, where to find the Godly Play scripts and the materials required.

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Faith Fact – Lent
29th January, 2016

Share a reproducible handout with an explanation of Lent by a Master Catechist with older students and adults.

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