Christian meditation for Children and Young People.

/ 9th December, 2015

Meditation is found in all religious traditions.
In Christianity it is the heart of the contemplative teaching of Jesus on prayer.

In recent years its recovery in the mainstream of the church’s life at all levels, has led to the formation of a strong global community. One of the most significant developments in the world of Christian Meditation is the way in which children and young people are embracing this form of prayer.

Meditation, in the Christian tradition, is often called the prayer of the heart. Meditation builds community and you are invited, through this website to become part of this world wide community. Our website welcomes you to this community. You can learn here about the tradition, how to meditate and how to teach meditation to children and young people.

Welcome and we hope your visits will enrich your spiritual path. We want you to consider a new learning and a new imagination for our world that located the teaching of stillness and silence within each person at the heart of education.

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