The Beatitudes – Year of Mercy

27th January, 2016

“Mercy. It’s such a simple word and yet so filled with meaning and dimension that it can leave us dumbfounded. But we all know it is one of Pope Francis’ favourite words. ” (What Pope Francis says about Mercy. McCann,D. Twenty-Third Publications:CT)

At our wonderful Opening School Year Mass last Friday we had the reading from the gospel according to Matthew that I am sure we are all so familiar with – The Beatitudes. And just like the word Mercy the Beatitudes are filled with deeper meaning that can leave us dumbfounded. It can encourage us to wonder about how we interpret what Jesus was saying…

I wonder what it means to be ‘Blessed’?

I wonder about the people who could be described as blessed?

I wonder if you are surprised by the people who you think of as blessed.

I wonder how I can take this particular reading from the Gospel and how it can help me understand the concept of Mercy.

Caring for our children, our aged parents, our colleagues, our families Рwe do these things everyday without thinking.  However if we do these things out of love, then they are not just ordinary actions but extraordinary actions.

Maybe we could stop and consider the things we do for others this week and see how they are valuable and important. Maybe we could try and see the Blessed in all of those around us.