The Trinity – A true mystery

21st May, 2016

A True Mystery

Dr Laurie Woods writes:

The feast to especially honour the Blessed Trinity was established by Pope John XXII (1316-1334) for the Sunday after Pentecost. Describing God as a Trinity is an expression of a uniquely Christian experience of God. TTitle: Holy Trinity
[Click for larger image view]he followers of Jesus understood that God was communicated to humanity in the person of Jesus Christ. In the gospel of John Jesus is portrayed as the one communicating what we need to know about God. In effect, Jesus was the human form of God among us. The actions, the words and the very personality of Jesus reflected the reality of God, to the extent that there is a oneness between Christ and God.

Despite the colorful metaphors and imaginative analogies, the Trinity is unknowable on a purely logical level. We should not think that we can ever completely understand the Trinity.

There is an old legend about St. Augustine of Hippo. While walking on the beach contemplating the Trinity, St. Augustine saw a young boy frantically digging a deep hole in the sand. The boy ran out into the waves, scooped up a bucket of water, and ran back to pour it into the hole. He did this a few more times until St. Augustine approached him and asked, “What are you doing?”

“See that ocean out there?” The boy asked. “I’m going to pour that ocean into this hole.”

“That’s impossible,” said Augustine. “You cannot fit the entire ocean into that tiny hole.”

The boy said, “And neither can you, Augustine, fit the Trinity into your mind.”

The legend says the boy then disappeared, as he was an angel in disguise.

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When people are loving, brave, truthful, charitable, God is present.    Harold Kushner (prominent American Rabbi and author)

Once you see the face of God, you see the same face on everyone you meet.
Deng Ming-Dao (Chinese American author, philosopher, martial artist)

You increase your joy by increasing the pure joy of others.
Torkom Saraydarian (20th Century Armenian musician and religious author)