Transfiguration in Life.

4th August, 2017

This Sunday in the Liturgical Year celebrates the Transfiguration of the Lord.

I have always found that the interpretation of the Transfiguration by the Redemptorist priest Fr Denis McBride a very moving interpretation that speaks greatly to me. I would like to share some of his insights that he writes in his book, Jesus & the Gospels (2002. p. 135)

“Transfiguration is not a solitary event in the Gospel, but one that happens over and over again. Throughout his public ministry, Jesus transfigures many people – the broken, the wounded, the wayward. He calls to the deepest part of people; he sees in teh afflicted more that  others see. Jesus whole healing ministry is transfiguring the broken through the power of God’s love . The power that transfigured Jesus is the same power that works through him in transforming others.”

The experience of transfiguration can be interpreted as one where Jesus grows closer to who he really is. And we all grow closer to who we really are when we hear our name called in love! When that happens we become radiant and we are better enabled to face the future – whatever it holds.

Would would it take to transfigure you?

Who could transfigure you?

Who calls our name in love?

Whose name do we call in love?

Images sourced from Creative Commons

McBride, D. (2002). Jesus & the Gospels. Hampshire, England: Redemptorist Publications.